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This is Feldepost's Inn, the place that Silke claimed the 'thugs' were from. It's the fanciest inn in Beregost, but it's not without its more... unwelcome elements, shall we say. I have Ajantis solve this guy's problem because Jim would probably just make a mess of things. I really didn't plan this well when I gave her 18 Charisma, though in my defense, at the time I didn't realize she was going to tsun her way through the whole game. It turns out Marl's son got himself killed adventuring so Marl now hates adventurers and blames them for his son's death. Ajantis manages to calm him down and buys him and his friends a round of drinks that somehow doesn't cost a single gold piece but I'm not complaining.


This is Tiax. He's one of those guys I mentioned earlier who are supposed to be in Baldur's Gate and so no one recruits them because they've already got a party they put a lot of work into. Which is a shame, because I'm told he's hilarious.

I accidentally told him he was allowed to join, so upon dismissing him:

Yes, yes, the all-seeing Tiax thinks that your leaving would be best. He must finalize his stratagems and consult in secret with Cyric. You shall, of course, meet the Great Tiax again, at which point I will make my grand ascension and appoint you to your rightful place as whipper of the slaves and faithless.

Uh, sure. Don't feel like you need to move.

Yes, yes, the all-seeing Tiax thinks that this spot is best suited for refining his ideas of world domination.

Just across from the Feldepost Inn, we run into a familiar face.


Sure thin', sir! No more aprons and bonnets for Imoen the Magnificent. Well, unless someone offers me a dragon's treasure hoard to wear one. We're goin' ta get ya book, no problem, Mr. E... It's good to see a familiar face, eh, Jimmie?

Be nicer if that face wasn't asking me to go get a book that's just literally across the street from where he lives. I mean, really?

He seems a kind old man. Would it be so bad to do him a favour?

I never said I wasn't going to do it.


This time we got a better reward than that crummy Protection from Evil spell. We got ~*~FORESHADOWING~*~


I think Bhaal missed the part where there are more causes of death than just murder.

NEXT: Still Not Going South
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