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Oh wow I haven't been on here in years. All of my icons are super old OTL

Anyway I've been playing Fallout and Butch is the least potatofaced potential follower

There's romance in here, but it's really mild.

"Do you have any idea where we're going?" says Butch, from behind her, as she checks her pipboy.

They've been traveling for days, and his comments and complaints are starting to get on Toni's nerves. It stinks up here, he thinks he heard something, someone told him there were dragons up here. Toni doesn't remember being this whiny when she first came to the surface. (Granted, she was alone and had no one to complain to, but she's not prepared to be charitable to Butch fucking DeLoria, her childhood nemesis. Don't ask her why she invited him along.)

"Look, there's one map for multiple levels of this dumbass hotel and I'm doing my best. Ease up, will you?"

"Why isn't there a map for each level?"

"Fuck if I know. Look for yourself." she replies, trying to determine which pile of rubble on this floor plan will lead to an unbroken flight of stairs.

"You sure got a potty mouth since you left the vault." he comments. She expects him to look at his own pipboy, but instead he comes straight up behind her and looks over her shoulder. His head is right next to hers.

"You try staying polite when- Jesus, Butch, what are you doing?"

"The map function on my pipboy is bugged." His chest is brushing up against her back, the studs of his leather jacket digging in slightly. "So where are we on the map?"

"You scared the shit out of me. I could have shot you." Is he doing this on purpose? She's torn between embarrassment and annoyance. He's looking at her pipboy screen, and his right arm is going forward to point at something on it. He's too damn close. If she turned her head, she could kiss him. Or bite him.

"Nah, you never woulda shot me. You're a goody-two-shoes. Always asking questions, never shooting first." She decides on annoyance, and elbows him with her right arm. He goes down with a yelp.

"What was that for?"

"Shut up and make yourself useful for once, prettyboy." she shoves a pile of guns and clothing at him as he dusts himself off. "Maybe if your pack is heavier you'll have less energy to question my navigation."

And before he can squawk some more: "and make it quiet, I think there are more super mutants upstairs."

Continued in Part 2, with pictures!

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