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I couldn't find the video intro sequence for Beregost on youtube, unfortunately.


Oh, I've been all over with Winthrop before we came to Candlekeep. You should know that! But... hehe, guess you're right. I was kinda little at the time. Let's find a nice place and gets some rooms. I haven't had a hot bath in ages! They say Feldepost's is a good inn, we should try there. After that, I'm going shopping. We need some supplies. Let's see... We need a new frying pan, since you ruined the one we have.

I ruined? As I recall, YOU were the one who left it on the fire all night...

Details, details. Was yer idea to have me cook.

Yeah, shame on me for assuming the adoptive daughter of an innkeeper could be trusted to make a decent meal.

Um... what else? Some new blankets, soap, lantern oil, spare tent pegs... er... I think I kinda misplaced your hunting knife so we'll have to get a new one of those. I need some new clothes, too. My pink tunic got ripped in that last fight.

You do realize all your tunics are pink? And cloaks... and boots... and gloves...

But that was my favourite one! Soooo... I'll need a new one! There's lots we need. Hope we have enough money... Well, c'mon, slowpoke. I wanna have a look around.


Beregost is a big place and there is a hell of a lot to do in here. More, with the Mini Quests and Encounters mod installed. Speaking of which...


So we follow the lady into the house across the street from the one she came out of and...


Sooo... Faulty performance enhancer?

Alanna: Please have a look around. I'm sure Eltolth wouldn't mind, if it helps you to find a hint of what happened here. Please, find a way to restore him!

Wait a minute. What would be in it for me?

Alanna: I... I can offer you 30 gold pieces. This is all I currently have. I... I am sure Eltolth will give you a reward, once this nightmare is over.

Don't worry, I'll see what I can achieve first.



... Faulty performance enhancer.


Alanna: Did you get more information?

Yeah, we found this diary. There's someone called 'Tulbor' mentioned. You wouldn't happen to know anything about him, would you?

Alanna: Tulbor? No, I am sorry. I've never heard of such a person. But please, do not give up the search.

Well, I've got no idea where to find him, so you're just gonna have to be patient...


And with that we leave the house.



............. snrk...

Pffft. Hahahah!

How unlucky do you have to be to drink.. something like that and turn into a *slime*??!! Wasn't that the opposite of what he was hoping would happen?!

Well... Some people are into that. C'mon, let's go find this 'Turgid' guy before Alanna has her date with Rosie Palm.

But before they can go very far, Ajantis, apparently feeling the need to point out that he's not like Eltolth, strikes up another conversation with Jim.


Really? I am delighted. How much do you know?

Well, I know it's a famous order of knights and paladins.

You heard the truth, my lady. It is a very powerful Order. Many virtuous men and women combine their forces to fight evil and help the weak and poor across Faerun.

So I take it your order subscribes to the Good Newsletter and burns every copy of the Evil Newsletter they find, but not before checking it for nefarious plans to thwart?

Err... Yes, I suppose so.

Sorry, I was being facetious. Ajantis, how do you know that someone is evil?

Evil is in lawbreaking and in holding self-interest above the rules that men have agreed upon to enable peaceful coexistence.

What if, say, a father were to steal to feed his hungry child? Does that make him evil?

His misery is regretful and things have to be changed to give him and his child a better life. His deed is evil, however. He would have to take responsibility for his actions, my lady. Stealing is against the law and must be punished, otherwise the land would be reigned by chaos and the will of the strong who would oppress the weak.

... So what happens to the kid? Imprison the father, the kid might turn to theft himself. You had a quick and easy answer, but real life isn't so simple, I hope you realize.

I am here to gain experience, to learn, and to prove myself, my lady. Time will tell whether I am worthy of knighthood.

I don't like orders of this kind, Ajantis. It just seems like an excuse for paladins to get together and show off their power, and that kind of arrogance doesn't really inspire respect in me.

"Arrogance?" Is that your opinion of paladins?

Sorry. I guess I went too far. I'm just not a big fan of paladins.

Do not mistake our sense of duty for arrogance, my lady. We paladins are only human, fighting in the name of honor and righteousness. We confront evil wherever we see it, ready to give our lives, if need be. I hope I can convince you to change your opinion during our travels together.

I didn't mean to offend you. Maybe I've been a little arrogant myself in my assumptions about paladins.

I am happy to hear that, lady Jimothy. May I tell you more about how the Order is organized?

Sure, it's not like we have a purveyor of bootleg viagra to track down. Not that I'm saying I'd rather do that than listen to you talk about your organization.

A quarter consists of twenty-five members, chosen from the bravest and wisest paladins, with three prelates at the head. They are assisted by younger knights and squires, who have not yet gained the age or the experience to become full-fledged members.

(Note to self: Ajantis does not understand sarcasm.)

These knights and squires are also the ones who execute the field missions for the Order.

You mean, they do all the work while the higher-ups sit at home drinking lemonade?

Ah, no. I would not say so, my lady. Every member of the Order has already proven his or her fighting prowess sufficiently. As I said, I am a squire paladin. I must prove myself before I can be knighted. Once knighted, it will still be a long journey, but my ultimate goal is to become a full-fledged member of the Order, one day.

Yeah, but you make it sound like actual members do nothing with this 'proven strength' of theirs.

The biggest chapter of the Order is located in the capital city of Amn, Athkatla. That is where my mentor, the highly respected paladin Sir Keldorn resides.

You're not here because of the tensions between Amn and the Sword Coast, I hope.

The Order does not interfere in politics, Lady Jimothy. But we are watching local events with concern, as they are threatening peace in the region. The increasing bandit activity here on the Sword Coast is forcing us to interfere. I am here to investigate the situation. With our combined forces, we will find the ones responsible for these evil happenings.

NEXT: Spoony Bards
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