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Finally, we're on the road.


This is the belt-fetish ogre Unshey mentioned. He drops two unidentified belts. One is her girdle of piercing, the other we get to keep.

Further south, we run into these guys.



Jim tried to get fancy again and tried to cast magic missile on the bandit leader. She ended up polymorphing her into a wolf. Not that it helped.


We find this among the wreckage of the caravan. I really hate this thing, because it's a quest item for a quest that we won't be able to complete until we enter Baldur's Gate, a whole four chapters from now, so it'll sit in our packs, cluttering up our inventory space for most of the game. And it's not as though the NPC Project doesn't add useless items that I will feel compelled to keep in my inventory forever, for sentimental reasons.


We were probably meant to find this caravan first, but never in any of my playthroughs did that happen. If you're wondering why we're heading west...

Gorion needs to have his funeral before Jaheira can spoil it with grisly trophies.

I'm right here, you know.

I just don't think Candlekeep is into rare books made from the skins of our enemies. Or heads on spikes. It's a library, not a necromancer's den.

You are never going to let that go, are you?



Don't you think you could make an exception? You've known Jimothy for years!

Keeper of the Portal: I... I am saddened to hear of Gorion's death, Jimothy. Your father was a good man and my friend. I'll inform the most high Ulraunt and Tethtoril of his passing. This is grave news indeed. However, I do hope you understand that I just cannot allow you in, Jimothy. My hands are tied in this matter.

That's not why I came. I think Gorion would have wanted to be buried in Candlekeep. Can you arrange it?

Keeper of the Portal: We will send a search party and Gorion will be interred properly. I wish that I could do more for you... Perhaps I can help in some small way. Here, please take this. It's not much, but I hope that it will be of some assistance.

The Party Has Gained Gold: 100

Keeper of the Portal: Imoen, you, however, are free to enter if you wish. Winthrop is quite worried over your disappearance.

Wait, what?! Oh, I see how it is. You won't bend the rule for me, but for Imoen, you're like "Sure, just come on through! Those rules are more like guidelines anyway!" Thanks a lot, you bunch of jerks.

No way! Jimmie and I are in this together, through thick and thin! Puffguts has my letter. And he taught me a thing or two... ol' Imoen can stay outta trouble! Tell him I love him, though, will ya? And tell him not to worry 'bout little old me.

Keeper of the Portal: I will, Imoen. Take care, both of you. And Jimothy? Be wary of strangers, and don't be too quick to give out your name. Just a bit of advice. Safe travels.

True to his word, we pass the search party bearing Gorion's body on our way back east.


However draconian the entry fees for Candlekeep are, they at least honor their dead.


Lots of walkthroughs recommend just keeping the magical items that questgivers send us to find, since they won't care when they're returned. A girdle of piercing is a fine piece of equipment for a mage, since it protects against arrows and things. But the thing is, the other girdle is cursed, and since both belts are unidentified and I can't tell which one is which just by looking at it, it's easiest to just let Unshey sort it out.


I followed a reader's advice and found this Ring of Wizardry on the ground outside the Friendly Arm. Now Jim can cast FOUR spells a day!

And while we're looking at item descriptions, here's the unidentified description of the Golden Pantaloons, just for fun.


The identified description reads as follows.

NEXT: Beregost!


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