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There's a lady living in one of the houses in the courtyard of the Friendly Arm, wants us to do something. I let Khalid handle it because Jim's turning out to be quite the potty mouth.


This isn't a bug. NPCs coming up to talk to us will talk to whoever's nearest, and you can have any of the NPCs in your party handle the talking. It's usually better to leave that kind of stuff to characters with high charisma, like Jim, but in this specific case it doesn't matter, I think. This arrangement can, however, lead to some pretty out-of-character responses, like, say, Viconia agreeing to help a lost urchin find her cat.

So maybe I should do the talking after all?

Last time you did that you ended up flirting with a married man, remember?

That wasn't on purpose! Let's just go!


Uhh... Jimmie? Pretty sure south is the other way.

S-shut up!


Okay, fine. I know I'm not ready for ankhegs, let's turn around and -


Wait! Perhaps it would be better if we traveled together.

In that case, why do we not join forces against these contemptible lawbreakers?

Sounds good to us, we're always on the lookout for another sword arm.

Wait, what? He's a paladin, me and Imoen are thieves. Is this really a good idea?

Calm down, Jimothy. I have a feeling the increase in bandit activity may have something to do with the iron crisis. He will be useful.


Here's Ajantis! He's a paladin, which means he's obligated to have a stick up his butt, on pain of losing his paladin abilities. Also, he's stats-wise the best-looking of our male suitors, with 17 Charisma to Xan and Coran's 16. Jim is still the prettiest, though.

There's a joke in there somewhere about his 'lay on hands' ability, but I'm not smart enough to come up with it.

We pass by the Friendly Arm again to deliver the ring to Joia and Jaheira decides to address Jim directly.


Like in Starship?

That is one of the silliest things I have ever heard. But I'll wager that has become a popular myth in more than one realm, imaginary or not. Be serious.

Forest lore, hmmm... How did you and Khalid first meet?

And how is that forest lore?

Well, you're a lady of the forest, and Khalid is a man of the woods... uh. Nevermind. It was a huge stretch and a bad joke but I was curious.

I'll indulge your curiosity, Jimothy. The first time I saw Khalid was at a ball. We both were... we both had to attend on business, but neither of us knew the other. I had done what I had to and was about to leave, when I saw him standing all by himself. He looked so awkward and shy that I felt sorry for him and came over to talk. I found him surprisingly charming, and we got to know each other better...

Huh, that's funny. I heard the same story from Khalid, only in his version, you were the one who was standing all by yourself.

Oh? That's an interesting... piece of lore.

Ahem! A-actually, we were both standing by ourselves... but getting back to wood lore - did you know that grubs can be quite tasty?... No one can cook them like Jaheira!

Smooth, Khalid.

I, however, am not so smooth. I forgot to screenshot the opening lines of the next banter, which triggered after we delivered the ring:

Here we are, traveling the good road. Some grand 'adventure' we're having, huh? not exactly what we used to daydream about, but still, kinda exciting, I guess. I'd rather be out here, going places and doing things, than be stuck in Candlekeep, cleaning out stables and turning down beds.

I have to admit, you're right. It's been interesting. Not exactly what I had in mind, but it's not like I have a choice.

That's 'we', remember? And yeah, 'spose we don't have much choice at that. Still, we can do a lot of good, I think. Wonder if they'll make a tale of our adventures? Just think, one day folks will be in the common room of some inn, maybe even the Candlekeep Inn, and ask a bard to tell 'em a tale of 'Imoen the Quick and her trusty sidekick, Jim!'

Hey, I'm no one's 'sidekick'!

Oh, okay. We'll be partners, I 'spose. What ya think? 'Imoen the Quick' sound good to you? Quick with the blade and wit! All the best heroes and heroines have handles. Hmmm, maybe 'Imoen the Terrible'? Nah, too dark. 'Imoen the Bold'? 'Imoen the Sly'? 'Imoen the Magnificent'? Hey, that sounds pretty good!

You already came up with 'the Magnificent', remember? Though actually I think 'the Terrible' suits you better. Or maybe 'Imoen the Annoying'?

Well! You're being rude today! Guess I'll just keep quiet and wait for ya to come beggin' for something from little old Imoen.

I can't believe it's already been forty-five minutes since I've had Ajantis in the party, but I managed to trigger his first lovetalk. I dunno if you've noticed, but I've been cheating with these and editing responses to multiple dialogue options together into longer conversations. If you'd rather just the straight conversation from whichever options I pick first, let me know, otherwise I'll continue jazzing these up.


My lady, we formed our alliance to fight the bandits threatening travelers in this area. May I ask your motivation for pursuing such a tedious and dangerous task?

Who, me? We have an alliance? Just put away the handcuffs and we'll get along just fine.

My lady?

I mean. I'm a mage with phenomenal cosmic power. Or I would be if I could cast more than two spells per day. And I have nothing else to do, so I might as well make life less shitty for other people? It's definitely not because everyone here is dirt-poor and I'm shit at pickpocketing.

My lady, I do not have the authority to arrest you. And I can see you are indeed doing good. But you could do good at many other places. Why the bandits of the Sword Coast? Is there any specific reason you need to be here?

These bandits might have something to do with the murder of my foster father, Gorion.

By Helm! This is very sad news, my lady. Let me express my deepest condolences for your loss.

Gorion died defending me. It pisses me off that they were after me and not him.

You mean, our unknown enemy might have an interest in you?

Well... "Hand over your ward and no one will be hurt. If you resist it shall be a waste of your life." That's what the spiky asshole said when we were attacked. That sure sounds like interest to me, Ajantis.

That is very strange indeed, my lady.

Gorion was the closest thing I had to family. I'm gonna make that guy pay for taking him away from me.

My lady, I fully understand your grief and pain. But do not let yourself be overwhelmed by vengeance and hatred. You can only hope to hunt down these murderers if you are not blinded by hate, and if you do not let your thirst for vengeance affect your fighting prowess. Be assured: I will fight at your side against these criminals with all my might. Let's continue our search and bring justice to the Sword Coast.

Well, I wasn't planning on making a creepy little book out of the skins of my enemies like Jaheira said, but I see what you mean. Thanks, Ajantis. That's actually pretty sweet of you.

NEXT: Candlekeep Hates Jimothy


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