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And now for an announcement: I've decided to take Shar-Teel out of the running. I've been thinking pretty much all week about how to manage it and the only way it would be possible is if we all agreed that we wanted to romance Shar-Teel and Xan and be unabashedly, unashamedly, Eeeeeeville the whole game through. And since Xan has nowhere near the same amount of votes as Coran, that's clearly not going to happen.


This is what I'm carrying right now. All I had initially was this stick that Gorion gave me. The gem Phlydia gave me in return for finding her book, the knives and hammer I found in the priests' quarters. What kind of priest carries a great big warhammer, though? I thought they all went in for clubs and maces and things? What I didn't find in there was Mrs. Stabby. She must be in the storage shed.


Hello and welcome to Mishi's Modded Miscellany. For our first installment, let's talk about the Infinite Ammo Stack component of the BGII tweakpack. In the base game you could only have up to 20 arrows in a bundle, which is somewhat realistic, but you've seen the inventory. If you're an archer you end up with half those little squares filled up with stacks of 20 arrows and it leaves no room for anything else, and that's not even taking into account all the different types of arrows. You got your regular arrows, your +1 arrows, your +2 arrows, your fire arrows, your acid arrows, your biting arrows. It's just much less hassle all around if you can have all your arrows of the same type in a single stack. I've also got the infinite gem stack component on and the infinite potion stack component.

Winthrop doesn't have much for sale, and we don't have much money. Once we sold the crap we picked up, we had just enough to get a shortbow, a stack of arrows and a set of leather armor.


We bring him his scroll, and the old guy casts Protection from Evil on us. Which would be great, if it lasted long enough to be of any use. In a previous playthrough I planned it so that I would have him cast that on me and then hightail it to the priests' quarters to face the assassin, but the spell expired before I got halfway there.


Ah, now this is more interesting. It's part of the Mini Quests and Encounters Mod.

Linda: If only that would be... You are Gorion's foster child, aren't you? Yes, I think I want to talk with you about it.

You can tell just by looking at me?

Linda: You don't look like a sage and you're not dressed richly enough to be a guest. I made an educated guess.

Oh. Fair enough. Continue.

Linda: Have you been to the infirmary? My fiance is recovering there from the injuries he got in his last fight.

No, I haven't spoken to him.

Linda: He has an obvious injury: he lost an arm. But the wounds that are still troubling him are his memories of what happened during this fight, and the conditions under which he lost that arm. I... I am troubled by it too. You see... I cut off his arm. It... it was the only thing to do.

Ha! How sweet. Is that some kind of courting ritual where you come from? (Never make the obvious assumption first. That's diplomacy, right?)

Linda: Keep your mockery to yourself, please. Of course it is not. We were on our way to Candlekeep, when suddenly a portal started opening near us. Monsters came out and started attacking. It was horrible. Sir Trun defended us, and it looked as if he would win easily. Then one of the creatures bit into his arm, dragging him toward the portal. He lost his sword...

Linda: There was only one possible way to save him, and I used it. Otherwise, he would be dead by now.

I don't get it. You saved his life. Would he rather have died?

Linda: No, it is not that easy. Sir Trun proposed to me, what seems like a long, long time ago, and we went on this educational journey to Candlekeep. You have to understand, I am the daughter of a noble family, and never touched any kind of weapon. His... his gaze upon me when he realized what happened...

Linda: Forgive me, but I do not want to talk more about it. I need to be patient, and hope that he will overcome his feelings. Poor Sir Trun... he is so brave. He grimly tries not to attribute any importance to the matter, but doesn't succeed in overcoming his feelings of horror. He is bound to his proposal to a woman he now fears, and is trying to convince himself it is nothing to worry about. I still see that look in his eyes...

So his precious flower turned out to have thorns and now he doesn't want you anymore? Sounds like a grade-A jerk to me. You're better off without him.

Linda: I decided not to go to the infirmary until someone brings the news of his recovery, or until he approaches me himself.

Oh, fine. I'll play cupid for you. It's not like I'm in a hurry or anything.


Reevor gives us 5 gp to kill the rats in the storehouse.


So this is how Wild Mages work: like all specialist mages, they get to cast one extra spell per level per day. Unlike other specialists, they aren't barred from any school of magic, because no school opposes their own. In exchange, every time they cast a spell, no matter what the spell, there's a small chance that it will go awry in a wide variety of ways, some of which are incredibly beneficial, some of which are terrible, and yes, it's possible for one of these mishaps to make a cow fall from the sky onto the target. We call these Wild Surges. There's also a first level spell called Nahal's Reckless Dweomer that nearly guarantees a wild surge.

But enough about magic, let's talk about rats. These rats are ridiculously tough. They only have about 6 HP each (which is more than Jim has in total) but their defense is ludicrously high.

Hey, I think these rats are tougher than that assassin was. That's really sad.


And there's the cat.

Now you show up?! I could have used your help just now! Whose job do you think it is to kill rats?

Mrs. Stabby: ... *preens, as though nothing is wrong*

What an impudent creature. *scoops cat up and pets her despite her protests* That's what you get for being lazy.


NEXT: Jim Becomes a Matchmaker!
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Just a bit of explanation before we begin:

Out of character comments will be in plain text.

In character comments will be in italics.

Text transcribed from the game will be bold and in italics.

And without further ado, here's the opening video. Please ignore the logos at the beginning.

It's not quite as... alarming as the opening video for Baldur's Gate II, but then, this is the first Baldur's Gate, and our player character isn't an experienced adventurer, she's a callow youth who has never left her hometown. Speaking of which, let's get her introduced, shall we?

This is our hero, Jimothy. While experimenting with wild magic a while back, she accidentally broke the fourth wall and doesn't know how to fix it, so don't be too alarmed if she occasionally makes references to, say, Hatoful Boyfriend or mentions a certain site by name. Or talks to you directly, like she's about to do.

So this is me! I'm not all that strong or durable, but I am pretty good with my hands, and you have to be smart to be a good mage. My favourite spell is Nahal's Reckless Dweomer, and that's not too difficult to cast, but you need to be clever to figure out how to get the cow down the stairs and out the door before Winthrop throws a fit.

Multi-classed characters aren't supposed to be able to choose a specialization, but Wild Mage is Best Mage, so I went into Shadowkeeper and added the Wild Mage kit. I also added 4 points to Charisma, because why not? We're going to be romancing everyone, so we need to be smokin' hot.

I'd have given you more of a blow-by-blow in character creation, but since I was going to cheat anyway, I figured it wasn't really kosher to act like she was lovingly crafted, and that I spent hours rolling and re-rolling to get just the stats I wanted. The extent of my fair-play is I left dexterity at 16 when I could have cheated it up to 19.

So, long story short, I grew up in this place called Candlekeep which is like a huge library-fortress, raised by a sage called Gorion who is pretty damn awesome, but won't tell me anything about my parents. Lately he's been acting all shifty and won't tell me what the problem is, and today he basically walked up to me all "No time to talk, grab your things, we're leaving."

The old man can hold his horses as far as I'm concerned. I'm not going to anywhere until I've said goodbye to Mrs. Stabby the cat.

So this is Candlekeep, the tutorial area. That green guy in the top right corner is one of legions of little green men whose only purpose is to instruct you in how to play the game and they can be safely ignored. There are, however, a few things to do here before we leave with Gorion.

Oh, brother, here we go again. Phlydia always loses her books. And she always forgets them in the same place too. I better go find it before the cows eat it. Damaging books is a serious crime here.

Fetch quests.

I'll make this simple for you, since these fetch quests are all super dumb. Phlydia's book is in the haystack next to the priests' quarters (shown here), and the cowherd, Dreppin, wants Jim to find him an antidote for his cow, which we'll find in the barracks. Hardly any of these early quests give anything other than very piddly amounts of experience. But Jim has other things on her mind.

Where's the pretty kitty?

Like petting a cat.

Shank: Far be it from me to keep you from your pressing matters, but I must insist on a moment of your time. The last moment, actually. I apologize for not fully explaining my motives, but I am on a rather tight schedule and exposition is not my forte.

And then he attacks. But he's pretty much the worst assassin in the history of ever. Jimothy has only 5 hit points, and her only weapon is a quarterstaff, which she isn't even proficient in, and she kills him in two hits.

Definitely not worth making a fuss about. Though if there are assassins after me, I probably should buy some equipment.

NEXT: Killing Rats, That Time-Honored Rite of Passage!
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Chaotic Evil

Romance Requirements
Alignments: All evil, Chaotic Neutral and True Neutral
Races: All but Halflings
Reputation: Has to be below 10 for romance to initiate and continue

-According to the NPC Romance guide, there should be plenty of opportunities for snark
-One of two romances with adult content (the other being Coran's)

-Tricky to reconcile her preferences with the guys
-Bit of a She-ra, Man-Hater

COMMENT TO THIS POST TO VOTE FOR SHAR-TEEL Eliminated due to irreconcilable alignment differences.
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True Neutral

Romance Requirements
Alignments: All non-Evil Alignments
Races: Humans, Elves, Half-Elves and Half-Orcs
Reputation: Has to be 10 or above for romance to initiate and continue


-Clerics are always welcome
-Seems pretty chill

-There's a bug that might make it impossible for me to recruit her without resorting to cheating


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Lawful Good

Romance Requirements
Alignments: All Good alignments, Lawful Neutral and True Neutral.
Races: Humans, Elves, Half-Elves and Half-Orcs
Reputation: Has to be 11 or above for romance to initiate and continue

-Doesn't care if we're a half-orc!
-Package deal with Minsc
-Romance is relevant to the main plot

-Package deal with Minsc
-Not as sassy as this portrait makes her look

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Lawful Neutral

Romance Requirements:
Races: Elves (the romance guide lists half-elves too, but that is a cruel lie, as I found out first hand)

-Really doesn't care if we're evil, not even if we don't donate to the appropriate institutions
-The "Protag-chan gets in touch with her elvish heritage" route
-Funny banter with Coran and Kivan

-Not going to win any awards for positive thinking any time soon, to put it mildly
-Ridiculous constitution; what kind of a mage can't cast magic missile?
-The reason we're forced to be an elf

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Chaotic Good

Romance Requirements
Alignments: All, except for Lawful Evil
Races: Humans, Elves and Half-Elves
Reputation: Has to be 11 or above for romance to initiate and continue

-Doesn't care if we're evil, so long as we donate enough to the appropriate institutions
-Potentially steamy romance

-According to the NPC guide, romance qualifies as a gamer's worst nightmare. Pertinent quote: "His romance can randomly have a happy ending. Or not."
-In a high-level area that might be difficult to get to early in the game

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Ajantis Ilvarstar
Lawful Good

Romance Requirements
Alignments: All Good alignments
Races: Humans, Elves, Half-Elves and Halflings
Reputation: Has to be 11 or above for romance to initiate
Class: Will break off romance early with single-classed thieves

-Not part of a package deal
-Romance is fairly straightforward according to the romance guide
-Easy to find
-I've never done his romance before

-Portrait not that handsome. May end up replacing it via Shadowkeeper EDIT: Done


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I didn't install every component from every mod here, especially the tweak pack, but I'll bring up the changes as they come up.

The Mod List, in no particular order

  • Baldur's Gate Tutu: EasyTutu
  • NPC Project
  • BG1NPCMusicPack
  • PaintBG (a portrait pack)
  • Unfinished Business
  • Baldur's Gate II Tweak pack
  • Mini Quests and Encounters
  • Lure of the Sirine's Call
  • Xan's Friendship Path
  • Coran's Extended Baldur's Gate Friendship Talks
  • Secret of Bone Hill
  • Ajantis Friendship Pack

And then I added a bunch of other mods. Each of the romanceable guys apparently have a friendship expansion, though the girls get no such treatment. Lure of the Sirine's Call and Secret of Bone Hill are there so I have something new to look forward to.


So here's how it worked in Broken Forum. There were 3 love interests of each sex, and the audience got to vote for one character of each that we'd initially pursue. It will still be possible to switch targets at a later point, since we'll meet them all eventually. The vote was just to get the ball rolling.

So this is what they did:

  • Vote for a male love interest
  • Vote for a female love interest
  • Comment with their suggestion of name, gender, alignment, and class. For romance requirement reasons, we'll have to be an elf, since it's pretty much the only race that's compatible with every LI. Also, nix on pure-class thieves.

Voting for love interests is still ongoing, and for now Dynaheir and Ajantis are in the lead. To vote for a suitor here, leave a comment on their character profile.

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So last July, I started a Let's Play on Broken Forum. Due to recent events that I won't bore you with (partially because I don't know much about them) the forum has become private so I can't link to it to show people what I've been up to.

So I'm reposting it here. Note the LP has already begun, so input re: character creation is no longer needed. Since the LP is still ongoing, however, any suggestions about love interests may still be taken into account.


If you don't use mods, don't play Bioware games in reverse order. Take it from me. Everyone said Dragon Age is the spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate, so I was like oooh, maybe I'll check it out. So I got Baldur's gate, and I felt so lonely.

I was used to spending nights in front of the fire telling jokes with Alistair, talking about shoes with Leliana, discussing art and culture with Sten, flirting with Zevran, listening to Wynne's lectures... Everyone was so friendly and open in their own way. Even Morrigan (who disapproves of everything and everyone) told me a few stories from her childhood. When we went on quests, they would offer their opinions on my actions, and contribute to conversations with other NPCs. And I took it all for granted, as only my due as the player character of Dragon Age: Origins.

But in Baldur's Gate, no one would talk to me. No one. I tried to get Jaheira to scold me. I tried to strike up a conversation with Khalid. I even tried to reminisce on the good old days with Imoen. Every time I got the same reaction: "This person has nothing to say to you." Nothing to say to me. Not a word, not a peep. They were so colourful when I first met them, but the moment they joined the party, they fell silent. They wouldn't say anything to each other, either. You'd think an Elf would object to my admitting a Drow in the party, and he did, but once the deed was done, they never said anything to each other or about each other ever again. Not even to give each other grief. That's not so odd, but the married couple never exchanged a single word either. Even characters who had a certain goal in mind in joining didn't react at all when that goal was met.

"Hey, So-and-so, you joined the party to get revenge on Lord Eevel, aren't you glad we killed him? Don't you have something you want to say? A witty one-liner, a final word to close the bloody business? Nope?

... okay."

But worse than not being able to talk to any of my teammates was the lack of romances. To a girl who cut her teeth on Knights of the Old Republic and later, Mass Effect and Dragon Age, this was pretty hard to swallow. A Bioware game without romance? Madness.

But, with a bit of modding, these things are easily fixed... Okay, a lot of modding. But I already did all of the required fiddly bits. The main thing is I'm using Baldur's Gate Tutu for this LP, and we're mainly going to be focused on the content of the NPC Project mod.

The NPC Project, according to its Readme: This mod expands on the depth of character and levels of interaction with the NPCs from the BG game. When BG2 was released, one of the major improvements in many peoples' eyes was the increased level of interaction one could have with the party members. This mod was developed to allow BG players a similar experience. NPCs in your party now have banters with the PC , with each other, and small side-quests of their own. As we were unable to get the original character voice actors to voice all the new lines, we instead sought out music appropriate to each NPC to be played whenever they initiate banter. This musical package is a separate, optional package (to keep the download size down) titled The BG1NPCMusic Pack.

The other big thing this mod adds is the romances, 6 in total, and you guys will get to pick which two you'd like to romance. You'll also get some say in character creation, though because of romance requirements you will be limited in choices of alignment and race.


Table of Contents:

Mod List and Voting Procedure

Introduction to the Suitors: Ajantis | Coran | Xan | Dynaheir | Branwen | Shar-Teel*

Prologue: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Chapter 1: To the Friendly Arm: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |
Chapter 1: Beregost and Environs: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | Bonus Update

*Eliminated from the vote due to lack of interest and irreconcilable alignment differences.
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So I just finished playing Dangan Ronpa last night, and over the course of playing the game I ended up writing letters to some of the characters.

To Byakuya Togami, concerning school safety, written during Chapter 1:

Dear Byakuya,

The fact that someone might seriously consider murder is precisely why it's a terrible idea to go off on your own. Weren't you listening to the school regulations? To graduate, you have to kill someone without getting caught. If you wander off alone you're just making yourself a prime target for murder. No one can kill you if you stick to groups of three or more, since a murderer can't create a witness if they want a chance at leaving.

And not only is it a bad idea from the 'not getting murdered' angle, but if the worst were to happen, you'd be a prime suspect, since you'd have no one to confirm your alibi. But you've been so pleasant I'm sure none of your dear classmates would ever suspect you of killing one of them.

In conclusion, while I know this is a high-stress situation and most of you are teenagers, and none of you are the Ultimate Genius, or the Ultimate Detective, I'm disappointed none of you at least pointed out what happens to the guy who breaks away from the flock in movies.

Love, Mishi

To Byakuya Togami, concerning his attitude toward people who aren't Ultimate Affluent Progeny, written a short way into Chapter 5:

Dear Byakuya,

I was glad to see that you learned the word "please" in Sakura's trial. You may think it's an odious word, but trust me, politeness will get you a lot of places being a rich rude asshole won't. I was also pleased to see how flabbergasted you were to realize people aren't solely motivated by rational self-interest, and further pleased to see that you no longer wish to play Monokuma's game. Son, I am very proud of you, you have finally taken the first steps towards growing into an actually decent human being.

Mind you, these are only the first steps. You would be much more tolerable if you didn't immediately assume you were in charge the moment you decided to join the others, that is not being a team player. Still, there is hope. Follow this path, and remember that other people have these things called feelings (as Kyoko was kind enough to point out), and you may survive.

Love, Mishi

To Toko Fukawa and her alter ego, concerning her refusal to die, also written a short way into Chapter 5:

Dear Toko/Genocide Jill,

Why aren't you dead? Why haven't you killed anyone? The absurdity of a serial killer not dying in this killing game, whether it be by the hands of your fellow students, or by execution is more than I can handle. You were funny at first, in a 'what the actual fuck?' kind of way, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't care about you at all, but...

You're creepy, and I don't like the way you talk to Hina, or to anyone, for that matter. Please die soon. I gave you scissors, take a hint.

Love, Mishi

(I actually did give Genocide Jill scissors during a free time period at some point. I don't know what I was thinking, maybe I had a subconscious death wish.)

To Byakuya Togami, concerning his fate in the outside world, written after completing the game:

Dear Byakuya,

I must admit to a certain amount of unbecoming glee upon your discovery that your entire family has fallen. This is the drawback to being the Ultimate Affluent Progeny and this is exactly why I've been wishing most fervently that you would learn some humility. Most of your classmates were chosen thanks to some inborn talent or quality that could never be taken from them, but the thing that makes you ultimate is your connections, connections which you no longer have.

Still, I am proud that the destruction of your family was not enough to break your spirit. But please remember that in rebuilding your family's name, you will need to build connections with people, so remember that word you learned in Sakura's trial and put it to good use. You will not be able to rise to the top by acting as if you expect success to be handed to you, like an Ultimate Spoiled Brat. Be nice to your surviving classmates. Politeness is a good thing. Good luck.

Love, Mishi

PS: I didn't think I'd have to tell you this but the bad end indicates that it is a possibility so I'll spell it out: please don't marry Toko.

To Toko Fukawa, concerning her peculiar mindset and her fate in the outside world, also written after completing the game:

Dear Toko,

I can't believe you survived. There are a great many things about you that I can't believe. (Although I guess you were just a tiny bit useful at the end there. But not that useful.)

For instance, the more time I spent with you, the harder it became to believe that you won all these literary awards for your books, when you say those romances you wrote are the product of your delusions. You certainly have a great many delusions, but they hardly seem like particularly romantic delusions. I suspect your world is one where they hold up Fifty Shades of Grey as the gold standard for literature, because that's the only kind of book I can see you writing.

I'm not unsympathetic to your personality problems, but I think you would be much happier if you refrained from jumping to the absolute worst conclusions about everyone all the time. You'd probably alienate less people that way, and maybe even find a person who doesn't think you're completely disgusting. At any rate, I humbly suggest you give up that fixation you have on Byakuya. Now, I know you don't like the idea, and you seem to get off on him mistreating you, but honey, neither of you is healthy for the other. Seriously. Stop it.

Love, Mishi

PS: I mean it. Quit it.

PPS: Loving him from a distance counts as stalking, and that's creepy. Quit being creepy.

PPPS: Trust me, there are plenty of other fish in the sea. Fish who will be less abusive or maybe will regret telling you not to breathe, even.


Jun. 11th, 2012 10:17 am
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{Princess Tutu}
[personal profile] usedquack and [personal profile] poorduck

Canon point: Post-canon
History: Played briefly in Route_29, where she collected nothing but bird pokemon. Played sporadically at Entanglement, where she became the star of counter-propagandist indie magical girl show "Freedom Deliverer Robin," was adopted by Sah'ot, and was the most well-adjusted kid on the Station. Played for a good long year and a half at Cape and Cowl.
Notes: Used to be a magical ballerina princess guidance counselor. No really, as Princess Tutu she would dance with people and soothe the ache in their hearts. And incidentally collect the Prince's heart shards that possessed them. Actually an ordinary yellow duck, if by ordinary you mean by fairy tale standards.

Vash the Stampede
{Trigun Maximum}
[personal profile] plantpacifist

Canon point: Post-canon
History: Apped, dropped, re-apped and re-dropped at Cape and Cowl. Used to work at Dunkin' Donuts, then got fired after joker-toxin infected goons attacked the shop and he revealed he was an ImPort in the process of protecting his coworkers and customers from them. Became homeless. Joined the cops. Spent a lot of time looking out for Knives. Didn't do much during his very brief reappearance, aside from grabbing a beer with Anders.
Notes: Once declared the world's first human localized disaster, and the most wanted man on No Man's Land, Vash is a gunslinger who has mastered the art of technical pacifism to a point where he can shoot thousands of bullets and never kill a single person, which naturally doesn't mean that he's not all kinds of dangerous. Despite his fearsome reputation, he puts on an act of being a loveable goofball. Note that this is manga!Vash, so he's more of a chaste hero than a chivalrous pervert. If you've seen the anime, forget what you know about plants and his relationship with Knives; both are vastly more interesting in the manga.

{Please Save my Earth}
[personal profile] istheatmosphere

Canon point: Post-death
History: Played briefly and unsuccessfully at Mayfield. I also played her at The_Love_Hotel on LJ as intactsaint, but in hindsight that was a terrible move.
Notes: Mokuren is a Kiches Sarjalian, a woman with special psychic powers believed by her people to be a blessing from God. These powers enable her to commune with plants and animals, and to make plants grow when she sings. There's just one catch: if she were ever to have sex, her powers would go away. She's also smart, and kind, and graceful, and OMG super gorgeous. So yeah, kind of a mary-sue. But she is the most fabulous, you don't even know.

Vincent Law
{Ergo Proxy}
[personal profile] proxysproxy

Canon point: Post-canon
History: Briefly played at Siren's Pull, where he moved in with Re-L Mayer. Accidentally switched bodies with Raul Creed for one awkward, hilarious week.
Notes: Ergo Proxy is a proxy, one of 301 man-made beings created to repair an ecologically devastated future Earth and repopulate it with human beings of their own creation. He's unique among proxies in that he's a clone of Proxy One, created by Proxy One himself rather than the ancient humans they call the Creators, in order to take over a duty that Proxy One found unbearable. But one can hardly expect an exact duplicate to do a better job than the original, although, credit where credit is due, Ergo ran away more efficiently than his original: not only did he flee, he also gave up his memories. He became mild-mannered, apparently human Vincent Law, a hapless and hopeless immigrant from Mosque.


Edward York
{League of Peoples}
[personal profile] kingoflobsters

Canon point: Post-Radiant
PB: Jude Law
History: Never did much with him. I 'played' him at Entanglement, where he was allowed to take a retinue of up to three goons. He took Listener, Nod, and Jeremy as his mandasar retinue. H was learning Prana Bindu from Sheeana in order to control his pheromones.
Notes: A black-market superbaby gone horribly right, Edward was originally created as a guinea pig to test a medical procedure destined for his sister, and designed to be stupid to prevent him from getting in her way. But this operation, in addition to giving him all the powers of an alien queen (preternaturally good sense of smell, pheromones affecting both Mandasars and humans, superhuman strength) also fixed his brain problem. By the time Radiant took place, Edward had become King sorry, I mean Lord Protector of an enclave of Mandasars on Celestia, and married a Mandasar gentle.

Festina Ramos
{League of Peoples}
[personal profile] ohexpendable

Canon point: Post-Radiant
History: Also played at The_Love_Hotel. I haven't been able to find a good place for her as of yet.
Notes: Festina's current title is Lieutenant Admiral, but it speaks volumes to know she still considers herself part of the Explorer Corps, whose members are chosen according to how ugly or generally freakish they are, The reasoning is that Explorers are the people who die most often on away missions, so why not stock the Corps with people who won't be missed? Festina's claim to the uniform is the large port-wine birthmark on her right cheek, which really doesn't detract as much from her appearance as she seems to think. Aside from her issues with her looks, she is a badass and since she was promoted from redshirt, it became her job to fly around the galaxy, shooting trouble. Tell me that isn't awesome. Unfortunately, the canon is not well-known or well-loved, so I had to draw all my own icons for her.

{League of Peoples}
[personal profile] wallabies

Canon point: Post-Ascending
History: Was going to app her to Cape and Cowl, but never went through with it. Still looking for a place to put her.
Notes: Oar is a member of a species that appears to be humans fashioned out of glass. She is super-strong, very durable, able to photosynthesize, and probably immune to most terrestrial diseases. Member of her species remain mentally children for about 50 years, after which they, after such a long time of heightened brain activity, fall into catatonia. Oar is 49 years old, and as a result of adventures is now the first member of her species who will get to grow up instead of becoming a vegetable. As of yet, she is still abrasive and immature, with a tendency for drama and flights of fancy. She is also incredibly vain, and believes opaqueness is ugly. She's going to be a lot of fun to play.

Code found here, @ [community profile] tookthestars

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So, yesterday was the opening of the Mikado. Although I still had to be safety-pinned into my saris, I managed to avoid any noticeable wardrobe malfunctions, although the cast make-up box has gone missing. From certain clues dropped by Sue and Dael, I suspect it's in Toronto with Carol Brodkin. I miss her. Anyway, this means another trip to the pharmacy for a last-minute make-up run. Why do these things always happen to me?

Despite the setbacks, however, it was a smashing opening night. We had a great, though small, audience, comprised mostly of walk-ins and members of the McGill Savoy society. Responsive audiences are really a key component to a successful night. When you hear crickets chirp in the theatre, it's hard to keep your energy up. It's a good sign when they laugh at the jokes.

I've been awful in informing you guys about the show in a timely manner, but don't fret! Yesterday was just the opening! We've still got plenty more shows! So, COME SEE MY SHOW! SEE ME IN A SHINY PINK SARI! TAKE YOUR CHOICE OF NANKI-POOS, YUM-YUMS, AND KATISHAS! HEAR SOMEONE OTHER THAN YANNICK IN THE LEAD SOPRANO ROLE! HEAR THE CROWD-PLEASING LITTLE LIST AND LET THE PUNISHMENT FIT THE CRIME SONGS!

Don't miss our Bollywood rendition of one of the most popular Gilbert and Sullivan shows! Bring the folks. (Especially those folks who love flashy costumes. I'm looking at your mother, Siony.)

Students (with valid ID):
Seniors (over 55): 18$
Regular price: 25$

We will be performing the 30th, of April, as well as the 1rst, 2nd, 7th, 8th, and 9th. All of these performances will take place at 7:30PM, except for the May 2nd and May 9th performances, at 1:30PM. That means the next performance is TODAY, and I believe it will feature Catherine Pycock as Katisha, Cameron MacLeod as Nanki-Poo, and Jenne Carey as Yum-Yum. In other words, someone other than Rodrigo (the guy who has been the lead for all the of the previous shows) is the lead. (If you're reading this, Rodrigo, you're a wonderful performer, a great tenor, but it's nice to have some variety once in a while, 'kay? No hard feelings.)

The place is the former Wagar High School, at 5785 Parkhaven, Cote-St-Luc.
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Well, folks, it's that time of the year again. Yes, it's time for you to buy your tickets for another MWOS Christmas concert! Spread the word. We bring you good news and bad news: The bad news is the Blair brothers aren't singing with us this year. But the good news is, we've added four new songs to our repertoire, and the good stuff is still in there. NOW MORE INTERNATIONAL THAN EVER!

Montreal-West United Church, 88 Ballantyne N. (Take the 162 and get off the stop after the Mini-Cout. The church is right there. Go around to the back entrance to buy tickets.)
When: 9th December, 7:30 PM
Cost: 15$, but bring extra money for our bake sale and apple cider at the intermission
Why: Because I'm singing
What: Christmas carols in four-part harmony. Plus, Victorian costumes.
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So we had our closing show this afternoon. Our audience was surprisingly lively, and we had a great cast party.

That's really all I have to say. Except that at some point today, Rodrigo (our leading man) said "I like whips." I forget the context.
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It's that time of year again, flist.


I am selling tickets. I am also using this as an excuse to see you all.

Youths(under 18)/Seniors: 18$
Adults: 25$

We will be performing the 23rd, 24rth, and 25th of April, as well as the 1rst, 2nd, and 3rd of May. All of these performances will take place at 7:30PM, except for the May 3rd performance, at 1:30PM. On the 25th, we are doing a gala performance. This means that there will be food before the show, and the opportunity to talk to the performers, but it also means you'll have to pay more, 30$ for youth and seniors, 40$ for adults. 

The place is the former Wagar High School, at 5785 Parkhaven, Cote-St-Luc.

Tell your friends. We need the cash.

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Hail Poetry, thou heav'n born maid,

In truth I'm just angling for a good grade,

My strength is in fiction and prose if I must,

My poesy muscles are nothing but rust.

One day in grade seven, my teacher approached us,

And announced that my poems were truly atrocious,

My rhymes were too hackneyed, my themes were too lame,

My meter too shaky, my language too plain,

In fact Mrs. Letters (for that was her name),

Wondered if I'd commit suicide in shame,

But I have survived as you might recognize,

Though I resolved that sticking to prose would be wise.

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The Montreal-West Operatic Society is proud to present this year's Christmas Concert.

Where: Montreal-West United Church, 88 Ballantyne N. (take the 162 and get at the stop after the Mini-Cout. The church is right there. Go around to the back entrance to buy tickets.
When: 10th December, 7:30 PM
Cost: 10$, but bring extra money for our bake sale and apple cider at the intermission
Why: Because I'm singing
What: Christmas carols in four-part harmony. Plus, Victorian costumes.

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So, it's a week since the time the YMCA promised they'd call me. The Village People didn't know what they were talking about. The YMCA is not fun to stay at. Not if they take this long to get back to me.

Meanwhile, in order to kill time, and because Coach Maddy keeps saying I haven't 'accepted' my asperger's diagnosis, whatever that means, I joined this forum for people with Asperger's and Autism, called "Wrong Planet". I don't really like this site. It's too big, and too full of the same kind of stupidity so prevalent on regular forums. The irony here is that it's a forum for people with autism and Asperger's syndrome, and people like us generally prefer smaller groups. But this site is huge and it's typically 'aspie' of me not to like that. Then again, it could also be culture shock. There's this whole 'aspie' subculture going on here that I guess I don't really get. Of course, it could also just be me being pissed off at all the people who say that 'neurotypicals' (people without disorders) are mean/stupid/shallow/sheep. I mean, jeez, way to insult my entire family, my friends and my mentors and teachers.

So on Wednesday I went to see Coach Maddy and I explained my plight to her, and she pointed me in the direction of Giant Steps, where I might perhaps volunteer. Giant Steps is a non-profit organisation for autism which has its headquarters a few blocks away from my house. They've got a school for autistic kids with a waiting list of 600 people. So I checked out their site, and their home page had this to say about their students:

"...ces enfants tout en éclats de vie et de talents, frappés d'un invisible mal, qui voudrait les retenir captifs, l'autisme... Tout gain fait reculer l'autisme. Des petits pas, mais contre un tel ennemi, des pas de Géant..."

>: ( Not cool, people. I'm not possessed or held prisoner by my Asperger's. Autism isn't some evil monster you have to vanquish, it's just a name for a collection of my qualities and quirks. It's part of who I am. Get rid of it, and you get rid of many of the things that make me ME. HELP ME, by all means, but don't think of me as a victim.

The rest of the site seems okay, though. Their methods include behavior therapy, music therapy, games therapy, speech therapy. It all seems quite benign, except for that offensive home page.

I'm new to this whole aspie subculture thing, but it's hard to ignore all the press it has been getting lately, mostly about a conflict between freaked parents who only see the downsides to autism and autistic adults who are pissed off that the aforementioned freaked parents think of them as damaged, empty soulless husks. Largely, I've had very little support for my disorders until recently, so I'd been looking at this conflict from the sidelines. It didn't affect ME. Now it does. This place is three blocks away from my house!! O_o

Now, the question is: should I volunteer for this organisation anyway and try to fight this kind of thinking from within, by being a good role model for the children and showing the adults and parents what's what, or should I boycott it?

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As is my wont, at this time of year it behooves me to do what any gentlewoman of the MWOS chorus to do, (regardless of the fact that my role in this years show is as a doxie, and decidedly not a gentlewoman) and announce the date, time and place of the Montreal-West Operatic Society's newest production: HMS Pinafore.

May 8 & 9 (evening), 10 (matinée & evening)
(matinée: 14h00, evening: 20h00)
Royal Vale School
5851 Somerled Ave

Tickets are 25$ regular price, 18$ for seniors and students. You can get them at the door.


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